America's Top Cannabis Employers Face Extraordinary Challenges

The pandemic has been a life-changing moment for all of us, and its impact on the business world cannot be overstated. For business owners and employees alike, COVID-19 brought about one of the most difficult and challenging experiences imaginable. Companies that survived had to pivot quickly and adjust to new realities: Zoom meetings, flexible schedules, and an assortment of new services designed to accommodate customers who were reluctant to leave their homes.

Economies worldwide are still adapting. A recent global study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute predicted more than 100 million workers in eight large-scale economies may need to switch occupations by 2030. This is a time of accelerated change, and companies are more focused than ever on their teams’ mindset and wellbeing. 

When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and U.S. businesses entered survival mode, a transformation occurred within the legalized marijuana industry. Cannabis retailers were deemed “essential businesses” — placing the industry in the same category as pharmacies, hospitals, and grocery stores. This was a pivotal moment resulting in the biggest year ever for the industry in terms of sales and overall growth.

Today, eighteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational sales, and another thirty-six states have approved medical use. The majority of Americans now have access to cannabis, and the industry is ready to serve the demand. Companies nationwide are jockeying for the opportunity to get their fair share of a market expected to reach $100 billion in fewer than ten years. This means jobs — lots of jobs.

While the cannabis industry as a whole has benefited from the pandemic, it now must overcome the challenges present in any market undergoing accelerated growth. Beyond having a clear vision supported by social values, companies must employ highly skilled individuals who are able to execute the organization’s vision and possess the endurance necessary to overcome the many challenges that still lie ahead.

Building teams of this caliber has never been easy, and the frequent arrival of new coronavirus variants complicates economic and social recovery. No one knows for sure how long it may be before things return to “normal” — or even what normal may look like in the future.

But the cannabis industry is both resilient and persistent. Companies quickly adapted to the challenges of the past eighteen months by recalibrating their workplace strategies, redefining priorities, and shifting resources. While mainstream businesses suffered closures and layoffs, the cannabis industry discovered a highly skilled, diversified range of talent. Whether and how companies retain their new employees depends on their ability to create enticing and effective environments.

This year, as mg Magazine reviews the thousands of businesses operating in the legal cannabis sector, we go beyond the traditional perks and benefits and equally focus on the company’s ability to adapt, transform, and create a winning culture worthy of the title America’s Top Cannabis Employers.

Applications are now being accepted for consideration for the 2021 list of America's leading employers in cannabis.

Deadline for all submissions is September 15 at 11:59 PM.
No entries will be accepted after this date. Before completing the application submission process, we encourage you to download the sample questionnaire form.


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